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Sick beat mate! Really loving the relaxing tones and the evil synth. Will be using this in the battle!

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B-RadGfromOV responds:

awesome I'd like to hear it.

Carefoot sucked a huge cock. That was boring as fuck.

Good battle mate. Sorry I had to freewrite the last verse. Curse this bloody illness! Had a lot of fun though, hope I get to work with some new artists and branch off from here! [=

Fun stuff bruv.

Everyone picked it, it's going to get played out to all hell, but it's sick bro. Loved it. Perfect composition for a battle beat. Love the 16/2/16/2/16/2/16/2 structure.

Make more.

Very tough battle gents! This was hard to judge, but I'd say GasmasQ got it by a hair. Just for more clever references. Flow from both sides was superb!

HDC responds:

Gas 1 BCT 1

Dope battle. Sick beat. I'm gonna' have to drop a tie on this one. Rezzy had the presence but PhrOzen had the intellect. Too close for me to judge man. PhrOzen, please let me mix your next track! Rezzy, try and work on those weird flows a little, and don't use as much dub/reverb please! It takes away from your delivery.

SICK hook mate! Awesome track.

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AxTekk responds:

Thanks man! Reppin for the UK underground.

Dope track Ax! I think you should mix your vocals a little louder, and get some equalization/compression on them. You should let me have a hand at mixing one of your tracks! Fun flow though bruv, lovin' the quick delivery.

AxTekk responds:

Thanks :D Really I was just pissing about, but the supports always gratefully recieved :)

Dope track mate, we should do a collab at some point! The outro was fuckin' hilarious, good luck!

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AxTekk responds:

Thanks fam! You too, would like to wait until after March brackets, but I'd be well up for a collab.

You're going to be a hard one! I look forward to the competition bruv.

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I'm going to dominate the Clabtrap set and spray a mark for the UK.

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